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DCARB’s hydrogen producing technology selected as a finalist in prestigious 100+ Accelerator Program 

  • A unique partnership between AB InBev, Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Colgate-Palmolive to fund and pilot sustainable innovation in supply chains.  
  • DCARB is the only Australian company selected in the climate action category  
  • Funding from the program of up to USD$100,000 will allow DCARB to run a trial of the D100 technology in Singapore in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company. 
  • Provides further validation of the D100 technology and significant commercial opportunity as the goal of the program is a larger commercial contract and strong relationship with one or more of the partner companies.

Wollongong, Australia, 13 March 2024 – DCARB, a global company specialized in creating environmentally friendly hydrogen solutions, proudly announces its selection as one of 32 finalists in the esteemed “100+ Accelerator program”. This significant achievement follows a rigorous vetting process from a pool of 2,100+ applicants, underscoring DCARB’s commitment to innovation and sustainability through the decarbonisation of major industries. This milestone validates DCARB’s D100 technology, a compact unit that converts stored water into hydrogen and oxygen on demand. 

DCARB is the only Australian business to be selected in the climate action category, which funds projects that help supply chains reach net zero carbon emissions by finding affordable solutions to decarbonize their value chains. As one of the selected companies in Cohort 5 of the “100+ Accelerator program”, DCARB will receive up to USD$100,000 to conduct a fully funded trial of the D100 technology in Singapore. The focus of the trial will be to demonstrate the effectiveness of the unit in achieving lower emissions, generating fuel savings, and reducing maintenance downtime.  

The trial, which is expected to begin later this month, will be conducted in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, helping DCARB disseminate its D100 units to the logistic fleets of the global beverage giant. DCARB hopes that the trial will ultimately strengthen its rank in the green energy market, positioning the company for the commercialization of the D1OO technology globally, starting with Coca-Cola and the other “100+ Accelerator” partner companies. 

Indika Liyanage, DCARB’s Chief Business Development Officer, stated, “Our partner for the trial is The Coca-Cola Company and we are thankful for their trust in our technology to support their journey for greener logistics. For this trial, we will look at quantifying the benefits of our D100 unit by installing additional monitoring devices to support our claim of reduced fuel consumption, reduced CO2 emissions and reduced particulates. To achieve this, we have a 5-phases to the trial: planning, baselining, installation, validation, and reporting. We expect the pilot to last approximately 5 months and generate invaluable data to validate our claims of the D100 unit to The Coca Cola Company and the program partners.” 

Linton Burns, CEO & MD of DCARB, commented on the achievement, saying, “To be selected as a finalist of such a prestigious innovation challenge is a massive achievement. I am so proud of the DCARB team for all their efforts over the past several years developing the D100 unit. Over the past months we have made significant progress in our commercialization efforts, having signed several new customers and appointed distributors in major markets across Southeast Asia and North America. Being selected as a finalist of this program will help give those efforts an enormous boost.” 

About DCARB: 

DCARB is a technology-led company committed to partnering with customers on their decarbonizing journey. Our solutions focus on three key fundamentals: immediate impact, commercial viability, and partnership. We aim to make an immediate impact on emissions while ensuring our solutions are safe, easy to deploy, and technologically advanced. Commercial viability is paramount, with our solutions offered under a service or subscription model, with fees covered by fuel savings. Finally, we prioritize partnerships, built on mutual trust, to develop tailored solutions that support continued decarbonization efforts. For more information, access https://www.dcarb.com/.

Dcarb- cleantech solutions

About the D100: 

The D100 is a compact, on demand, hydrogen generating unit designed for greener logistics. It offers immediate fuel savings of 8 to 15%, resulting in a direct reduction of CO2 emissions by the same amount. Additionally, the D100 reduces particulate emissions from diesel engines, leading to a decrease in planned and unplanned fleet downtime. Commercially available with a cloud-based dashboard for fleet management, the D100 is targeted at trucks, buses, and ferries, with trials underway for larger applications such as power generators, railway, ships, and mine trucks. 


About the 100+ Accelerator Program: 

The “100+Accelarator Program” started in 2018 and has helped over 115 companies from over 30 countries progress their technologies. This year, 32 companies were chosen to develop projects focusing on solving each of the nine challenges set out by the program, which include circular economy, climate action, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, etc.  

The 100+ Accelerator is a partnership between global FMCG companies, including Coca-Cola, ABInBev, Unilever, and Colgate Palmolive. It delivers 6 months of remote programming and training to accelerate the collaboration and growth of cohort companies in addition to a pilot/alliance with the partner companies. You will receive support from a global team champion, access to mentor networks and up to $100K toward pilot execution. 

The goal is to have your company complete the program and graduate to a larger commercial contract and strong relationship with one or more of the partner companies. https://www.100accelerator.com/  

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For further information about DCARB or the D100, please contact:
Linton Burns – DCARB

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