Our DCARB Fleet Program uses our D100, a smart device that enhances vehicle efficiency. It’s attached to vehicles, powered by their batteries, and generates hydrogen from tap water on demand. A flat monthly subscription fee per unit, which will be less than your fuel savings.
No upfront capex or fitting fee. If you are unhappy with the service at any time, you return the unit to stop the subscription at any time, for any reason, at no cost. 

The DCARB Fleet Program billing cycle begins 30 days from when your program starts. Within a day following your first DCARB installation, you will start to realise the on average 5% fuel savings. If your fleet asset consumes more than $1,800 per month of diesel, the 5% fuel savings will more than cover the monthly fees. Not to mention all the additional benefits such as less downtime and maintenance costs.  

By adding a small amount of hydrogen during the combustion process the fuel is more completely burned. In addition, the hydrogen bonds with the carbon that has built-up in the engine frame, this forms a low energy hydrocarbon that leaves the engine as CO2 gas – removing these deposits.

This process leads to a cleaner engine that restores power, performance, and efficiency to like new. On average, we see between a 5 – 15% reduction in diesel consumption, fewer ongoing maintenance issues, longer oil service ( from 8% soot to 1%), and less wear and tear, leading to a longer engine service life.

With our patented software technology, we constantly monitor the performance parameters of your assets and this enables us to remotely optimise the hydrogen generation and injection characteristics on every individual engine. This ensures we are generating the greatest possible advantage for you… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…

Not at all, we have never had any issued during the past 6 years and in the highly unlikley event it does cause any damage to your engine, we are fully insured.

We allow up to two hours to complete the installation of the DCARB 100 at your location.  You will notice the difference within hours of driving.

Our DCARB 100 won’t impact your existing warranties. Even while your asset remains under warranty, you can experience the immediate benefits of the DCARB 100, including lower fuel costs, reduced regen, and decreased maintenance expenses.