The DCARB PM Program is a 24 month program that begins with a Reman DPF and a DCARB service. In total you truck will receive 6 DCARB services and 1 Reman DPF.  If your DPF needs to be cleaned at anytime during the 24 month period, we will do it for free.

The PM Program bill cycle begins 90 days from when the program starts.  Within a day following your first DCARB service, you will realise the on average 5% fuel savings. If your truck consumes more than $1,800 per month of diesel, the 5% fuel savings will more than cover the monthly fees. Not to mention all the additional benefits such as less downtime and maintenance costs.

DCARB delivers Substantial amount of Hydrogen and Oxygen gas into the engine during the 45-minutes DCARB cleaning service.

Hydrogen is a highly volatile molecule, It will bond with the residual carbon inside the engine forming a low energy hydrocarbon which is basically a fuel source like the diesel and will burn off cleanly and exit the exhaust as CO2 and H2O resolving all the issues noted above.

Not at all, we have never had any issued during the past 6 years and in the highly unlikley event it does cause any damage to your engine, we are fully insured.

We allow up to one hour to complete the service at your location.  You will notice the difference within hours of driving.

Our DCARB service will not void any warranties.  Although still under warranty, your truck will enjoy the immediate benefits of a DCARB service such as lower fuel, less regen and maintenance costs.