DCARB has developed new technology that aims to reduce the negative side effects of operating Diesel Internal Combustions in terms of Maintenance, Emissions and Operational Costs.

Our units can be retrofitted to almost any existing diesel asset to allow a Hydrogen co-fueling solution that will allow for immediate benefits, typically these are:  

Our system does not store Hydrogen, instead it stores water and using our patented technology it converts the water to Hydrogen and Oxygen on demand. Water is a significantly safer and easier way to store hydrogen than in highly pressurized tanks and is much more convenient to refill when depleted. 

As an additional benefit from using water, we supplement the combustion process with additional oxygen thus further helping the process burn more complete. 


We have been developing our hydrogen technology for over 6 years.  Until recently, our focus has been on generating sufficient hydrogen for smaller engines (trucks, buses, etc).   

With the recent advancement of our industry-leading Patented technology, we are now able to generate enough hydrogen on demand for large diesel engines that power large marine vessels, locomotives, yellow iron and big generators.