The US fleet industry is experiencing the highest operating costs it has ever witnessed and significant environmental legislative challenges. To meet these, and to ensure that fleets remain economically and environmentally sustainable they need a system that has the ability to generate serious fuel savings and reduce emissions.

If you manage vehicles for a small local business or a large heavy-duty fleet we can work with you to help you achieve your goals. From our PM Program that optimizes fleet operation and reduces downtime, to rapid DPF cleaning, to on-the-road services to get you out of trouble in a hurry. DCARB Fleet Solutions is supporting customers to keep on trucking no matter what road ahead holds.


To leverage Passion, Knowledge and Innovation to simultaneously deliver emissions, maintenance and fuel consumption solutions for engine operators.

We believe high performance is a result of data, extreme accountability, discipline, humility, logic and effectiveness.

WE LOVE CHANGE. WE NEED CHANGE. Education, knowledge, experimentation and expertise, compounded with an unreasonable striving for Excellence will ensure our growth today, tomorrow and for the next decade.

We fail and win as a team. We value empathy and compassion. accountability and respect for one another and the team. The team above all else.

We are completely dedicated to our vision and those solutions we can provide to our clients. We lead our stakeholders with a servant heart. courage, drive, passion and resilience.

Management Serves our staff, our staff serve our clients, our clients serve the business. We can only fully serve our stakeholders if we start from a place of deep understanding and trust.

We’re passionate about what we’re here to do, and we use this passion to serve our clients in ways they do not expect.

No B2B rubbish here – we’re P2P. There is no Business to Business or Business to Consumer. Every interaction is Person 2 Person (P2P). We place massive value on relationships with all others and therefore always act with integrity, respect and care.