Fleet customers can save thousands of dollars per year by installing the DCARB unit. Our smart DCARB 100 (20cm x 20x 20 @ 1.2kg) is attached to your asset and powered by the vehicle’s battery. (It consumes less energy than a headlight).The DCARB unit starts generating hydrogen, (from tap water), immediately the truck is turned on, and stops once theengine is turned off. No hydrogen is stored at any time. There are no changes to the ECU. This means ALL factory setoperational parameters are maintained, including all fault code thresholds, meaning NO WARRANTY ISSUES.

In addition, we are fully insured. The unit is constantly connected to the cloud and is fully visible at all times.   This isessential for the systems reporting functionality we provide for your company. The DCARB unit on average will save aMINIMUM of 5% on fuel which in some cases the payback period is a couple of weeks. However, it’s the other operational expenses that will save fleets time, money, and headaches. These include Tow fees, vehicle downtime, DPF Regens &  Replacements, and Mechanic/technician wages.

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The market-leading DCARB 100 unit creates the perfect combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen gases that oxidize, pulverize and remove carbon from your engine during your engine’s normal combustion process. We plumb these gases into the engines intake to alter the combustion process. This Hydrogen and Oxygen combined create a vastly different burn characteristic within the combustion chamber removing the carbon that has built up over time.

With our patented software technology we constantly monitor the performance parameters of your assets and this enables us to remotely optimise the hydrogen generation and injection characteristics on every engine you value.This ensures we are generating the greatest possible advantage for you…
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year… 
Real Time, Real Advantage!

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DPF cleaning at DCARB is the only reliable place to have your DPF cleaning service done. find out more about our high quality cleaning services online now!

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