DCARB Launches its New Fuel and Emission Reduction Technology, Developed for Marine, Mining, On-Highway and Rail Industries

DCARB is a global company specializing in creating environmentally-friendly hydrogen solutions for all diesel engines and applications. The company has launched its new hydrogen technology.

DCARB has generated real excitement in these sectors by providing a “ready to go” hydrogen co-fueling solution, today, for companies and enterprises committed to leaving a smaller footprint. For large diesel operators, DCARB will supply their units at no cost to the end client, in return, DCARB receives a small share of the fuel saving. 

DCARB CEO Matthew Bailey says “Our Technology allows ESG minded companies the ability to significantly improve their existing diesel fleet whilst we wait for the critical infrastructure and commercial realities of green technology to become a genuine and viable alternative”

This breakthrough is due to DCARBs patented Arc Plasma electrolysis technology. This results in being able to generate enough hydrogen on demand rather than having to refuel or store hydrogen under pressure. The advancements in the DCARB Arc Plasma technology have tackled some of the most dominant issues presented by traditional modes of electrolysis, including operating at high currents, tremendous energy consumption, inflexible water compatibility, the need for massive containers, and more. 

Matthew Bailey says “We have been developing our hydrogen technology over the past decade. Until recently, our focus has been on generating sufficient hydrogen for smaller engines. With the recent advancement of our patented, industry leading Arc Plasma technology, we are now able to generate enough hydrogen on demand for large diesel engines that power large marine vessels and locomotives.  The efforts have paid off, and the new technology is ready to change the landscape of the mining, rail, trucking and marine sectors today”:

DCARB’s newly-launched technology is geared toward decarbonization, improving the power and efficiency of engines and dramatically reducing emissions. Regarding the specifics of applying hydrogen to co-fuel diesel engines, Matthew Bailey said:

“Hydrogen burns 10 times faster than Diesel fuel, adding a small amount to the combustion process causes fuel to burn more completely; this results in higher peak pressure closer to Top Dead Centre. Achieving a result closer to TDC will produce a higher effective pressure in which to carry out the work cycle, significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions.”

The new DCARB hydrogen technology is capable of improving oil quality over service life, reducing fuel consumption by 5-15%, improving torque efficiency by up to 6%, and reducing particulate emissions up to 75%. 

DCARB’s Arc Plasma electrolysis can, according to the company’s spokesperson, be “retrofitted to almost any existing diesel asset to allow a hydrogen co-fueling that will allow for immediate benefits.” 

More information about DCARB and the brand’s latest technologies and solutions are available on the company’s official website.


Company Name: DCARB
Contact Person: Ron Basset
Email: Ron@dcarb.com
Phone: 702 589 3279
Address: W104, 6959 Speedway Blvd
State: North Las Vegas, 89115
Country: United States
Website: https://www.dcarb.com/rail
Press Release: www.digitaljournal.com

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